Fiona Lumsden Wildlife Artist
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Australian Bird Art Prints

A4 Bird Prints - signed artist's prints. Budget priced.

Genuine Epson dye inks on Epson archival heavyweight matte paper. Individually printed and signed by the artist. Fiona has done a wide range of Australian birds over the years including wrens and small bushbirds, parrots and other larger species. Usually they are done in a traditional manner with simple backgrounds, keeping the focus on the bird. All birds are based on Fiona's own fieldwork with over 40 years experience birdwatching in the Australian bush.

A range of 70+ bird portraits are available.  Prints are unmatted (no framing) but are backed with stiff A4 matboard in sealed poly-bag envelopes for protection.  Prints have a small white border around them (variable in width) and so are slightly smaller than A4 in picture area when framing up. They are suitable for posting in padded envelopes and are lightweight for overseas gifts.

Price:  1 print: AUD $20 per print + postage & packaging (Australia) $4

            2 - 4 prints: AUD $18 per print (discounted) + postage & packaging (Australia) $5
            For larger quantities or other variations please contact the artist for prices with postage.

Please allow 5 working days for delivery after confirmation email from artist.

See Contact & Sales Page for enquiries or further details on buying.

Please click on image to enlarge. Note some images have been cropped to view on web. Shape of outer border of  image is variable. Resolution is set low for web viewing as well: images are much sharper in reality.

To order: please quote cell number & title for each bird print. Titles are below each image.

Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo Newnes
blue wren silkpod
Blue wrens greenhood
blue wrens bracken
laughing kookaburra
palm cockatoo
1. Yellow -tailed
& Banksia
2.  Superb Fairy-wren &
3. Superb Fairy-wrens
& Greenhood Orchid
4. Superb Fairy-wrens
& Bracken Fern
5. Laughing Kookaburra
6. Palm Cockatoo
flame robin mt hay
scarlet robin banksia
rose robin lily
hooded robins rose
rose robinsassafras
flame robin moss
7. Flame Robin
at Mt Hay
8. Scarlet Robin
& Saw Banksia
9. Rose Robin
& Scrambling Lily
10. Hooded Robins
& Desert Rose
11. Rose Robin & Sassafras
12.  Flame Robin & moss
splendid wrens
variegated wrens
red-backed fairy-wren
sthn emu-wrens small
white-winged fairy-wrens
lovely fairy wrens
13. Splendid
14. Variegated
15. Red-backed
Fairy-wren (single)
16. Southern
17. White-winged Fairy-wrens
18. Lovely

turquoise parrot 100
eastern rosellas 100
crimson rosellas
eclectus parrot fem 100
eclectus parrot male
superb parrot
19. Turquoise Parrot
20. Eastern Rosellas
21. Crimson Rosellas
22. Eclectus Parrot, female
23. Eclectus Parrot, male
24. Superb Parrot
yellow-tailed black-cockatoo pine
gang gang cockatoo
glossy cockatoo
red tailed cockatoos
king parrots
25. Double-eyed

26. Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo & Pine
27. Gang-gang Cockatoo
28. Glossy
29. Red-tailed
30. Australian
rainbow bee-eaters
nankeen kestrel
barn owl
boobook owl
whistling kite
Azure Kingfisher
31. Rainbow Bee-eaters
32. Nankeen Kestrel
33. Eastern Barn Owl
34. Southern Boobook
35. Whistling Kite
36. Azure Kingfisher

regent bowerbirds
elegant parrot
rock warblers
striped honeyeater
spiny-cheeked honeyeater
regent honeyeater
37. Regent Bowerbirds
38. Elegant Parrot
39. Rockwarblers
& Govett Gorge
40. Striped Honeyeater
41. Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater
42. Regent Honeyeater
grey fantail
blue wren sun
double-barred finch
diamond firetail
zebra finch
spotted pardalote female
43. Grey Fantail
44. Superb
Fairy-wren & sun
45. Double-barred Finch
46. Diamond Firetail
47. Zebra Finch
48. Spotted Pardalote, female

wedgetailed eagle
crested pigeons
superb lyrebird
49. Wedge-tailed Eagle
50. Mistletoebird
51. Crested Pigeons
52. Red-backed
Fairy-wren family
53. Superb Lyrebird, female
black winged stilts
white throat gerygone
willie wagtail
striated thornbill
cotton pygmy-geese
54. Black-winged Stilts
55. White-throated Gerygone
56. Willie Wagtail
57. Striated Thornbill
58. Cotton Pygmy-geese

hooded parrots purple-backed fairy-wren
white-browed scrubwren
southern whiteface pale-yellow robin wompoo pigeons
59. Hooded Parrots
60. Purple-backed Fairy-wren
61. White-browed Scrubwren
62. Southern Whiteface
63. Pale-yellow Robin
64. Wompoo Pigeons (oil pastel)

red-browed finches nankeen kestrel sea australasian grebe barn owl pair orange-bellied parrots
65.Red-browed Finches
66. Nankeen Kestrel
& sea-cliffs
67. Australasian Grebe 68. Eastern Barn Owl pair 69. Orange-bellied

Plum-head Finch Yellow Robin sacred kingfisher pink cockatoo100
superb lyrebird male
70. Plum-headed  Finches 71. Eastern Yellow Robin
72. Sacred Kingfisher
73. Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
74.Superb Lyrebird,

All images are the property of the artist and are protected by copyright.

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